Hello Raphi !
I don't know when you'll come here and you'll see it. But I think it's a really good idea to speak to you in english, so you'll understand and the "incultes" will leave my blog.
The first thing : I MISS YOU SO !
I count the day before you'll turn from the States.
Oh it's horrible, I take the dictionnary all the time, I'm really bad in english, finally !
How's that take place with Z. ? (If you don't know what it mean, go to reverso..)
Have you put on weight ? A little ? ^^
I have bet with Pierre, the weight you'll take. I know It's really horrible, I'm so naaaasty (han, j'viens d'prendre conscience de ce que veut dire The Naast hin hin).
Me, I don't have a boyfriend for 2 months (more or less).
I'm in love with a guy but I don't think he loves me. Pooor girl :(
It's too difficult to continue, so,

L'homme qui aimait les trains...

Ps : Tient moi au courant des gros mots américains, qu'je fasse mon intéressante au lycée !

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